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Break away from what everyone else is doing and give yourself a chance to express your authentic self. This is one of the core of branding – EXPRESSING YOU.

Feb 2019 - Date

Fusion is my personal commitment to guide forward thinking young Nigerians to maximize their potential through personal coaching. Every year, I select 10 - 15 young leaders, working closely with them all through the year on their ideas and personal goals.

Feb 2018 - Date

As a United Nations Foundation +SocialGood Connector, I lead my team at SocialGood Lagos to localize the Sustainable Development Goals. I am committed to increasing community participation through innovation, and trisector partnership towards the agenda 2030.

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Jan 2018 - Date

My work at The Leverage Africa is a lifelong commitment to improve the narrative of leadership development in Africa by educating youths about developing effective personal leadership in other to become productive community leaders and active contributors to nation building in their respective fields.

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Oct 2011 - Jan 2018

SLJ is my first baby. It was the platform I designed and developed when I was 16 to teach soft skills and leadership skills for the personal development of the young adults. It went from a hobby to an idea that impacted thousands across the globe. Although the blog is now active on a domain, I merged it with Guild of African Patriot (another youth-lead organization) to become The Leverage Africa in 2018.

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