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RS 03: On Reflective Thinking, Self Awareness and Support Systems in a World of Never-Ending Distractions.


“Wisdom is simple, but not common” – Abraham Ologundudu

The world as we know it is increasingly getting busier. Everything is moving so fast that many seem to be moving randomly with the tides. The struggle with never distractions and recurring burnouts is now the order of the day.

Join me and Adebola ‘Zoe’ Williams, a Creative Writer, to explore tools and processes for developing reflective thinking, self-awareness, and support systems.

key Takeaways

  • People don’t like to know the messy part of their lives most times. 
  • But in reflections, you can see where you are coming from, where you are now, and you can see who you can be.
  • Regarding self-awareness. Seeing others uniqueness can give you a wake-up call. However, from the place of healthy love! Not romanticizing other people’s lives over ours.
  • Know Your Story – dedicate yourself to Logs/Journal and Meditation.
  • Invest in support systems.
  • Build genuine relationships by being present
  • When you are overwhelmed, learn when and how to tap out.
  • Take breaks in a loud world. It’s good for your mental health. 
  • Don’t be passive about your life. If you don’t lead yourself, others will decide what you do.
  • Self-awareness is not  Self Consciousness. The former leads to positivity and growth, the latter leads to anxiety and self-sabotage.
  • Ultimately, the most important love is that of God the Father towards us in Jesus Christ. Life makes a whole lot more sense with Jesus in it.


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    The podcast was indeed awesome.
    I learnt a lot from Adebola on the mirror analysis as a means of reflection on ones self.

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    I had fun listening to this podcast, so many powerful things were said about reflection, I especially loved the part about looking into the mirror and accessing your life. Reflection is a deeply powerful tool that one must use to grow.


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